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Macari Vineyards Sette Short Sip

Macari Vineyards, located on both Sound Avenue and Route 25.  The Sound Avenue location is in Mattituck and the Route 25 is located in Cutchogue.  Macari was established as a vineyard back in 1995, by the Macari family.  The location in Mattituck has been in the Macari family for … Continue reading

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A visit to Roanoke Vineyards

Have you ever gone past a place along your normal trip to wherever you may be going, and pass the same landmark time and time again, take a look over at it and continue on down the road? Have you … Continue reading

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Shinn Estate Vineyards 2007 “Rebellion” Estate Merlot

Rebellion, according to Wikipedia, “is a refusal of obedience or order”. Rebellion according to this bottle is, grapes that wildly fermented with indigenous yeast. This is a natural type of wine.  Nothing added (except sulphur at the crush pad organic nutrients during … Continue reading

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Scarola Vineyards 2004 Merlot “Masseria”

Scarola Vineyards does not have a tasting room. Scarola Vineyards does not have a vineyard, per se. Scarola Vineyards dose have some of the best Merlot I have ever had! Frank Scarola is a small producer of wines here on Long Island.  … Continue reading

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Raphael 2005 First Label Merlot

Since I have been doing this I have grown to realize that when it comes to Long Island Merlot, you have to first look at Raphael and their winemaker Richard Olsen-Harbich.  I have tasted quite a few Merlot, maybe not … Continue reading

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Waters Crest 2006 Merlot

This was going to be my post for Wine Blogging Wednesday.  But I was so addicted to the aroma, taste and process of Waters Crest Night Watch, that I just had to post that wine first.  This Merlot was so god that … Continue reading

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Winery Visit at Waters Crest Winery

For those of you who are home cellar winemakers thinking of making it big, then I have met your idol. Jim Waters is the proprietor and winemaker at Waters Crest Winery.  He has been doing this for many years.  He went from award-winning home … Continue reading

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