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Wine on Tap: Its for Me and will be for you too

Last night, I was at an event at the East Wind in Wading River, for charity, run by the Rocky Point Lions Club.  It was called “A Lion’s Taste of Long Island”  I am in the early stages of planning … Continue reading

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Going Off To Camp

In one  week, my wife, Melissa, and I will be packing my bags and going to camp.  TasteCamp 2010.  What is TasteCamp you say. Here is a brief description from the TasteCamp Website: The concept for TasteCamp is a simple one: … Continue reading

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Saints of the Vines: St. Morand of Cluny

Ok, I might be getting a little religious here, but I was born and raised catholic, so my catholic side is going to start showing on these posts. I am going to be talking about some wine history here in … Continue reading

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Roanoke Vineyards 2006 Blend One

One of Roanoke Vineyards many blends is perfectly called Blend One.  This could almost be Cabernet Sauvignon, but it has 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, It would have needed at least 85% to be bottled and labeled as  Cabernet Sauvignon.  What is that … Continue reading

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Wine Blogging Wednesday #68: Got Gamay? Pindar Vineyards 2008 Gamay Noir

To answer the question right off the top, yes.  Long Island has Gamay.  Pindar Vineyards in Peconic, NY has a Gamay Noir.  In fact they are the only producers on Long Island, that I could find. The theme and object … Continue reading

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Did You Hear About H.R. 5034?

Maybe not?  Well watch the video:           Then read the bill below: Comprehensive Alcohol Regulatory Effectiveness (CARE) Act of 2010 (Introduced in House) HR 5034 IH 111th CONGRESS 2d Session H. R. 5034 To support State … Continue reading

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Looking at the Future Through A Barrel: Pindar Vineyards

Recently I met with Les Howard, wine maker at Pindar vineyards in Peconic, NY.  I have tried to get out and visit with him for a while and catch up with him and see what has happened in the vineyard and in the cellar for the 2009 vintage. I … Continue reading

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The other night at Roanoke Vineyards, Melissa and I were 2 of 40 lucky people to join in on a very interesting and fun event.  A winemaker’s smackdown.     The object was to taste wines from around the world and … Continue reading

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The Voice of a Grape: Just Swell

I am peeking through, showing you a little color.  Thanks to the warm weather, I have poked through on the vine branch.  This is still an early process, but things are starting to happen more quickly now.  You may even … Continue reading

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Long Island; Love it or Leave It?

First off, I am not moving.  Got it. But the question that keeps entering this brain of mine is this; Is it wrong of me to only taste and drink Long Island wine? From that question spawns other more interesting … Continue reading

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Palmer Vineyards 2007 Cabernet Franc Proprietors Reserve

For years, as a young wine enthusiast, I always associated the start of Long Island Wine Country with Palmer Vineyards.  Now you may consider Baiting Hollow Vineyards as the starting point. I remember visiting Palmer Vineyards almost every time I … Continue reading

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Finger Lake’s Taste Live: Gewürztraminer

This snuck up on me, since I tasted Finger Lakes Pinot Noir only a week ago.  But now, the it’s Finger Lakes Wine Country is at it again, promoting their wonderful wine. This time this happens to be my favorite white … Continue reading

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The Voice of a Grape: I’m Bleeding…but in a good way.

 It has been warm lately and this has heated up the soil around my roots.  Things are starting to happen(or may have happend).   After I have been pruned in the winter, or after harvest, I have a few cuts on … Continue reading

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Who’s Ready for a Smackdown!

This Saturday, April 10th at 6PM Roanoke Vineyards will be clearing out the tasting room and putting up a steel cage. Well, not really. But they are going to be hosting an interesting SOLD OUT event.  The first ever, at … Continue reading

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Looking at the Future Through a Barrel

This is going to be a new series here on UndertakingWine.  When I visit a winery or vineyard and I have the opportunity to taste wine that is either in the tank or a barrel, that is not ready for … Continue reading

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