Wine Blogging Wednesday #62: Pindar 2007 Johannisberg Riesling

Wine Blogging WednesdayThis Wine Blogging Wednesday, #62 is titled “A Grape by Any Other Name”.  It is hosted by Dale Cruse over at   We are assigned to find a wine with a lesser known varietal on the label.  I found this to be a bit of a challenge for two reasons.  There are not a lot of lesser know varietals on Long Island.   On top of it, this is Drink Local Wine Week, so I wanted to tie everything together, if I could.

When I mentioned the fact that I have to find a lesser know varietal, I am talking about this: instead of drinking Pinot Grigio, I should be drinking, Pinot Gris; instead of a Sauvignon Blanc, I should drink a Fume Blanc…get the picture.

So looking around my local wine shop there was not too much of a selection.  In fact there was one.  But I was curious about another wine staring me in the face, so I whipped out my BlackBerry Storm and typed in the browser, Riesling, and this according to Wikipedia popped up:

“Many grapes that incorporate the name Riesling are not true Riesling. For example:

  • Welschriesling is an unrelated variety, which is common in Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Romania which may also be labeled as Riesling Italico, Welsch Rizling, Olasz Rizling or Laski Rizling.
  • Schwarzriesling (Black Riesling) is the German name for Pinot meunier, a grape used in Champagne, but which is also grown in Southern Germany.
  • Cape Riesling is the South African name for the French grape Crouchen.
  • Gray Riesling is actually Trousseau Gris, a white mutant of the Bastardoport wine grape.
  • White Riesling is the ‘real’ Riesling, which is also called Johannisberg Riesling (named after the famed Schloss Johannisberg) and Rhine Riesling (= Riesling Renano in Italy, occasionally Rheinriesling in Austria)”

Pindar 2007 Johannisberg RieslingNotice the last bullet…I just scored!  I chose Pindar’s 2007 Johannisberg Riesling.  I had no clue.  And I was excited because I have a post about my visit to Pindar Vineyards out next week.

This is a beautiful straw colored wine.  It has nice viscosity in the glass as I gave it a swirl or two.

On the nose I was getting a nice floral aroma.  There was this wonderful honey sent and a very nice Apricot aroma.  I really loved the bouquet on this wine.

The taste was even more exciting.  The apricot carried over with a touch of honeydew melon.  There was creamy honey like flavor that coated the mouth so well.  This had great balance of acidity and sweetness.  The zing I was getting on the sides of my tongue were making me have more, and the honey lemony citrus finish, that was quite long, was driving me crazy.

This was a semi-dry wine that was a lush medium to full body wine. I had this with some leftover Chinese food and it was just perfect.

This was a Gold Medal Winner at the 2009 Food and Wine Classic this year, and I can see why.  This was my first Johannisberg Riesling, but not my first Riesling.  I wish I had the time to compare this along with Governor’s cup winner From Anthony Road Winery, but it is just too late in the day.  I will have to do it another day.

I highly recommend you pickup this 2007 Johannisberg Riesling.  It retails for $16.99 in the Pindar tasting room, but I got it for $ 14.99 at my local shop.

So I tried everything together, “A Grape By Another Name”, Drink Local Wine, Wine Blogging Wednesday, and I also supported my local wine shop.  My post is finished; now let me finish this bottle.

About Michael Gorton, Jr.

I am a Licensed Funeral Director who is having a love affair with Long Island Wine and the people that make Long Island wine so special. I am married to my wife Melissa and live in Rocky Point. Our first son Gabriel Noel was born on July 27, 2010. We have three cats and one dog.
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13 Responses to Wine Blogging Wednesday #62: Pindar 2007 Johannisberg Riesling

  1. Tom Mansell says:

    Nice find. Names like Johannisberg Riesling are going the way of Champagne and Chablis. That is, fewer and fewer people in the US use them out of respect for the original regions (and often for legal reasons). Some people are still hanging on though, even though I bet this Riesling is very different from one actually made in Johannisberg. 🙂

  2. Pindar Damianos says:

    Thanks for the post. I agree with Tom the 07 will be the last year we can call it Johannisberg Riesling. I think most consumers just know Riesling as Riesling in the US. I also agree LI Riesling are much different than Germany and the Finger Lakes. Thats whats so great about making wine. Talking about Riesling our 09 is still hanging in the Vineyard should be picked over the weekend a long with Sauv Blanc. For all the trouble we had in June the quality is amazing and the fruit is so clean. Will be glad to get the last of the whites in and start on the reds. Hand picking that meter by meter block of Tannat today that I was telling you about. Talk to you soon Pindar Damianos

  3. Meter by meter? That’s a small block, Pindar!

    Will you pick in the rain this weekend? Not a great forecast for getting any added sugar the next few days either.

    Good luck with harvest.

  4. Michael Gorton, Jr. says:

    Hi Pindar,
    Thanks for shedding some light on the Riesling. Good to know about harvest and how things are developing over at Pindar Vineyards

    I wish I had this weekend off, cause I would have come out and help.

    I will be in touch with you next week to see if I can help next time around.

    Man, I really wish I was there for the Tannat today instead of stuck in my real job. 🙂

    Talk to and see you next week, hopefully.

  5. Pindar Damianos says:

    Close call with the rain but happy to report the Tannat is in the hands of Les. Was hoping we might get a clear day this weekend will see. Not to worry Michael still have 200 ac of reds to pick. Talk to you soon Pindar

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  7. Dale Cruse says:

    Thanks for joining us for this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday, Michael. Here’s the link to the start of the roundup:

  8. Michael Gorton, Jr. says:

    Just wanted to add, that my wife, Melissa, loved this wine. Last night she had a glass with her Bolognese Meat Sauce…It was showing nicely as I poured her a glass.

  9. Jules Hurley says:

    I love the taste of this wine. I’ve bought it since I tried it during a wine tasting event at Pindar Vineyards.

  10. djcruse says:

    Michael, I wanted you to know the link to my wrapup of WBW62 has changed. It can now be found at: & I’d appreciate it if you’d consider updating your link. I’d also be thrilled if you’d consider adding me to your Blogroll. Thanks!

  11. Thanks Dale!

    I will update the bloggroll.


  12. JAMES HEWICK says:

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