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Jamesport Vineyards 2007 “Sidor” Syrah Reserve

I have told many of my friends, that if it were not for Cabernet Franc, I might have been a Syrah fan.  Which means that if Syrah were planted more on the North Fork, you might find more Syrah in … Continue reading

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Suhru 2009 Shiraz

Syrah is not planted in every vineyard here on Long Island.  Shiraz is even harder to find here on Long Island. That second sentence is just in jest, Shiraz and Syrah are the same grape, it is just called different … Continue reading

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Pindar Vineyards 2008 Syrah

For a while now, I have tried to get into this little grape known as Syrah.  There is not too much Syrah here on Long Island, only about a handful of producers locally that bottle it. Most times when looking … Continue reading

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Martha Clara Vineyards 2007 Syrah

I am quickly becoming a fan of Syrah.  I wrote about this grape a while back and I have begun to seek out more of this grape both on and off Long Island. This Martha Clara Vineyards Syrah  ($24) is … Continue reading

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Pindar Vineyards 2007 Syrah

You may have noted from my barrel tasting at Pindar and my visit with Martha Clara Vineyards, that Syrah as a varietal is inching up my list as favorite. Syrah or Shiraz as it is also known, is used alot … Continue reading

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