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Pindar Vineyards 2010 Viognier

Pindar Vineyards in Peconic, is one of a handful of vineyards on the east end the grow and bottle Viognier.  Bedell Cellars and Martha Clara Vineyards are the other two who release their own Viognier.  Macari Vineyards uses some in their … Continue reading

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Anthony Nappa Wines 2010 “Spezia” — Wine Blogging Wednesday #73 “Spark”

You need a spark to start an engine.  You need a spark to light a fire.  You need a spark to keep a relationship going.  You need a spark to get things in motion and keep them moving. I had … Continue reading

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Roanoke Vineyards 2009 Rhyme and Meter

Roanoke Vineyards in Riverhead has produced Chardonnay for years now.  Mainly from vines planted by long time Long Island wine grower Steve Mudd and Roanoke Vineyards co-owner  Rich Pisacano.  Roman Roth, Roanoke Vineyards winemaker, has always made wonderful steel fermented … Continue reading

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Martha Clara Vineyards 2009 Cabernet Franc

2008 was a tough and challenging vintage.  2009 was the same but it was longer, therefore most vineyards were able to hang their fruit and let it ripen longer in hopes that they could extract the most out of their … Continue reading

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Shinn Estate Vineyards 2010 Chardonnay

You have all heard me mention how great the 2010 vintage was, no need to bring it up again.  It has also been mentioned that the 2010 vintage may have been a bit too hot for the Sauvignon Blanc grape. … Continue reading

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Influence Wines 2010 Riesling

Erik Bilka has made wine for some time for many people on Long Island.  As a production wine maker at Premium Wine group, he probably had his hands on some of your favorite wines.  But you did not know it. … Continue reading

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Bedell Cellars 2009 Cabernet Franc

Most of the 2007 red wines are gone from the tasting rooms, but some have still some they are holding on to.  Some wineries are rolling out the 2008 reds at this point and some are even rolling out 2009’s. … Continue reading

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Clovis Point 2005 Merlot

Clovis Point Vineyards in Jamesport on Route 25 was always a vineyard that we would either hit or miss.  It has nothing to do with their wines, for some reason we would drive right past it. We have had great … Continue reading

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It’s Drink Regional Wine Week!

Just in case you did not know, On Sunday October 9th kicked off the 4th annual Drink Regional Wine.  It runs through OCtober 15th. What’s”Drink Regional Wine Week” you ask?  Well this sums it up best.  It was started 4 … Continue reading

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Martha Clara Vineyards 2007 Clusters

Martha Clara Vineyards introduced us to a new dessert, port style wine.  Ciel has been around for years, but with the ripe highly regarded 2007 vintage, winemaker Juan E. Micieli-Martinez wanted to make a port style wine with some of … Continue reading

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Shinn Estate Vineyards 2008 Wild Boar Doe

Year in and year out this is one, if not my favorite offering’s from Shinn Estate Vineyards in Mattituck.  A play on words, it pays homage to the Bordeaux varieties. In this offering it brings 40% Merlot, 23% Cabernet Sauvignon, … Continue reading

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Martha Clara Vineyards 2010 Sauvignon Blanc

I know what you are thinking — It’s September, why am I talking Sauvignon Blanc? Well, I got a little backlogged and since we are in a bit of an Indian Summer, I still felt this was perfect for this … Continue reading

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Waters Crest Winery 2009 Late Harvest Night Watch

Last week I talked about how sparkling wine does not get its due respect here.  The same can be said for dessert wines here on my blog.  It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t seem to drink … Continue reading

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Raphael Vineyards 2010 Rosé of Merlot

When one looks at a Rosé  bottle one might think that a Rosé  is a wine for your grandma, that person who is looking for an off dry wine or one who thinks adding ice to wine is ok. This Rosé … Continue reading

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Bedell Cellars 2006 Blanc de Blancs

There is just not enough sparkling wine on my blog. I really like sparkling wine, but I, like most, only drink sparkling wine on special occasions. We all should change that. It is a wine, it just has some bubbles. … Continue reading

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Raphael 2010 Sauvignon Blanc

When Les Howard, Raphael’s new winemaker, arrived from Pindar Vineyards in August of last year, he had about just enough time to go over the barrel cellar before the first bins of fruit were being harvested. Les could not wait … Continue reading

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